Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday Links: Pizza Dough and a Good Poem

 The pizza expert in this video has some great, refined tips on dough handling. Definitely will improve my technique:

In the "long list of advice tidbits" genre, with a few good slightly out-of-character items:

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Recent Reading: Tokarczuk's Flights

 I have recently been reading Olga Tokarczuk's Flights with a good deal of pleasure. Much of what I love about the work of

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Reconstructing the Antikythera Mechanism


"Clickspring" makes gorgeous videos about an inspiring project: building a replica of the Antikythera mechanism using only period-appropriate tools and methods.

I particularly like this project because it's an excellent way to debunk the "ancient astronaut" kookery surrounding this piece of ancient technology (and other "too advanced" ancient human achievements).

Monday, May 9, 2022

Cory Doctorow on John Deere's Tractor Killswitch


Most of us have heard about the Russian looters who stole a bunch of John Deere equipment from a Ukrainian dealer and hauled it to Chechnya, only to be foiled when the dealer remotely disabled all those implements. Heartwarming! But . . . This essay ties together several issues in a very neat, very disturbing bundle. The big surprise for me was

Friday, April 29, 2022

Recent Reading: Solnit, Pogue Harrison, Adams

 Rebecca Solnit: Orwell's Roses

Not really a biography, but an exploration of certain aspects of Orwell's

Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday Links: German Expression, Knife Sharpening, a Recipe, and Atlanta

I know that the principles of this knife sharpener are sound, I don't know if this version works well. At this price I'm tempted to try. A company called "Wasabi" has been selling the same thing at a multiple of this price.,scm-url:1007.13482.271138.0,pvid:5946f051-089f-46be-8974-ac65ec5f40bc,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238108%231977&pdp_ext_f=%257B%2522sku_id%2522%253A%252212000025558963981%2522%252C%2522sceneId%2522%253A%25223482%2522%257D&pdp_pi=-1%253B30.8%253B-1%253B-1%2540salePrice%253BUSD%253Brecommend-recommend

A varenyky recipe. I think this is too much sour cream but I haven't tried it yet. Let me know if you do!

Did you know? One German near-equivalent to "painting the town red" is [literally] "letting the sow out."

Here are some good local writers and reporters making their suggestions for improving Atlanta. I am in strong agreement with Andisheh's.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

What I'm Listening To, Early March 2022

 Trippy, gentle, relaxing: Panda Bear's "Boys' Latin."

Alan Watts + beats: INZO's "Overthinker."

Alan Watts + beats: "Alan Watts Chillstep Mix."

Enough with the mellow! Hyperstimulation for the ADHD brain: